” Patients are the outstanding authorities on how they themselves feel.
​They know the ground of their life, its colour and texture better than anyone else”

Lawrence LeShan (1990)

If you have never experienced Counselling before, you might ask how can it help me?

In our everyday life we face challenges like personal/workplace stress, bereavement, relationship break ups. Usually we can work through these with the support of friends, but sometimes we can feel stuck or become overwhelmed which can lead to physical or mental ill health. This might be the time to reach out for support

My own experience of Counselling is; when I share my innermost feelings and they are heard & taken seriously by the Counsellor, I feel lighter and able to move forward. 

I can offer you an initial assessment by phone. We can decide together how regularly and how many sessions you might need.

BE inspired

“Whatever is flexible & flowing will tend to grow, whatever is rigid & blocked will wither & die”

Tao Te Ching