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My poorly finger!

I’ve been feeling a bit of pain in my right index finger, not an unfamiliar sensation and it feels better when I massage it with a wonderful yellow Thai Massage Balm. However this time, the discomfort, pain, throbbing, warmth, lack of mobility has been going on for a few weeks now & the balm only brings temporary relief. It feels like it’s shouting out for me to take a bit more notice of it.

As always I’m looking at this holistically. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) it’s on the meridian related to letting go. From Ayurveda the Index finger is related to the planet Jupiter; looking towards the future, to eternal change, working through life by digesting and processing. Gertrude Hirschi (1) adds: “it carries the energy of subconscious and the ego”.

Working in a couple of ‘Focusing’ Sessions with partners (     A couple of things came up, yes there was still some letting go to be done of strands of a relationship, so it’s partly an emotional and energetic block. I am always looking towards the future; how will I live and where will my career take me to next? Yet I feel like I’m doing well processing and digesting life and don’t feel stuck in it.

The loudest thing that came through is that it’s feeling a bit overworked. I listened and rested it, wow I realized how much I use it, I’m right handed too. I really missed it whilst doing a head hold in massage, I’m typing now holding it aloft and trying to avoid scrolling on the phone. I remembered how it was hurting when I was gardening and, pulling out tent pegs – that was a real ouch only last week.

I took real care of it overnight, wrapped it in a Thai balm bandage and in my Focusing session it revealed that it was grateful to be really noticed and for the rest

It is reminding me of something of a miracle that happened about 7 years ago, when I had similar bone and joint pain in all my fingers;

  • “it seems like arthritis”said my G.P.
  • “Is it because you subconsciously want to give up massaging? asked a friend,

I went to an acupuncturist who is renowned for working on pain in smaller joints (2)

She needled my fingers and used moxa to move the energy. I woke up in the night with extreme pain in my hands and a clear recollection of something I had been doing about 4 months prior. I had been lifting and laying slabs, with building gloves on I remember something of a damp sensation in my hands because of working with water and sand. TCM really takes notice of damp that can affect joints severely and lead to joint pain and arthritis symptoms. The day after the pain had disapeeared!

What have I been doing this springtime– yes shifting and laying big heavy slabs!

I think my finger is saying – hey hold on it’s just a bit too much!

It’s   feeling better today with the loving care and rest although I am going to get some acupuncture because next week I’ll be pulling out tent pegs again!

Yoga in your Hands (Hirschi, G)

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