The Art of Shiatsu

In Asia, maintaining our flow of qi (life energy) has long been valued as the path to optimal health. The ancient art of Shiatsu is a manual therapy which helps to improve the flow of qi (chi).

Shiatsu has become increasingly popular in the West. We look to the ancient arts of healing, to cope with the bustle of modern life. Stress, diet, pollution and painful emotions can contribute to physical or emotional dis-ease.

Shiatsu treats what is presented in the moment, so a variety of techniques are used. It unblocks energy that is stuck, nourishes energy that is low, and moves energy that is over full, leaving you feeling rebalanced, revitalised and relaxed. 

The Art of Shiatsu

Paula is a Movement Shiatsu Practitioner, This style developed by Bill Palmer, encourages the client to take a  more active role during a treatment. Therapist and client work together  with movement and feedback to explore the sometimes hidden strengths  and mobility of the body. The body has an innate intelligence and when  encouraged it will move, stretch, wake up, and maintain health more easily. Learn more about Movement Shiatsu HERE.

Focus Shiatsu

Is based on the Focusing technique of Eugene Gendlin. Paula uses a gentle, supportive technique to explore any sensation or pain in the body. Exploring the “felt sense” when  supported by bodywork can bring about a shift or release of pain or insight into  a recurring thought or emotion.

Paula's Shiatsu

Each Shiatsu practitioner has their individual path of training, expertise and life experience. For Paula, Shiatsu is an art,  and what the client brings to each session is unique. An initial diagnosis takes into account your current symptoms and medical history, diet, work, and  lifestyle. It also includes a tongue and pulse diagnosis.

Paula is able to adapt treatments to a clients’ needs in a moment. Based on her Professional Training in Shiatsu and TCM, her style reflects the dynamics of Movement Shiatsu and the gentle support of Focusing. 

Emphasis on breathing patterns is a key element of a treatment. Paula may lead you through an appropriate stretch, yoga posture, or breathing exercise to practice at  home.

Paula is particularly interested in nutrition from a TCM, Macrobiotic and Ayurvedic perspective. Clients have found that even a slight modification in diet can cause a significant upturn in their health.

Paula works on a Shiatsu Mat (futon) on the floor, or uses a massage table. Clients should wear loose fitting comfortable clothing.


I lived much of my adult life in The Netherlands, until in 2015 fate brought me back to the Staffordshire Moorlands. I qualified as a Kripalu Yoga Teacher in the USA and studied Shiatsu, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Focusing in Holland.