I love Kripalu yoga because it teaches me self acceptance, self-compassion and I feel that it has supported me on my journey of personal growth. Kripalu Yoga Is a type of Hatha Yoga which is based at the Kripalu Center ( in the US.

The lineage originated with Swami Kripalvananda and was introduced to the west by Amrit Desai. Yoga was originally passed down by Gurus within specific systems. Amrit Desai in 1970’s USA saw that there was a need for people to combine yoga with a daily life of working and having a family. He said everyone should be able to practice yoga. The true meaning of yoga is the union of mind and body, in the classes we practice asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing) and savasana (relaxation).

Yoga is something you need to do and experience to understand the benefit, so I invite you to come and join a weekly class!


I lived much of my adult life in The Netherlands, until in 2015 fate brought me back to the Staffordshire Moorlands. I qualified as a Kripalu Yoga Teacher in the USA and studied Shiatsu, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Focusing in Holland.