Paula Charnley


If you are looking for Embodied Transformation you are in the right place!

Counselling, Shiatsu, Yoga and Focusing. Connect you to your best health with Mind Body Spirit practices. 


Based in the Staffordshire Moorlands of the UK, I offer Counselling sessions Face to Face when possible and online or by phone. 

Please contact me if you are looking for Counselling and you would prefer an appointment face to face.


Shiatsu has become increasingly popular in the West. We look to the ancient arts of healing, to cope with the bustle of modern life. Stress, diet, pollution and painful emotions can contribute to physical or emotional dis-ease.

Yoga Classes & Workshops

I love Kripalu yoga because it teaches me self acceptance, self-compassion and I feel that it has supported me on my journey of personal growth. Kripalu Yoga Is a type of Hatha Yoga which is based at the Kripalu Center ( in the US.


" Patients are the outstanding authorities on how they themselves feel. ​They know the ground of their life, its colour and texture better than anyone else" .Lawrence LeShan (1990)


Such an efficient skill to connect your mind and body. It's a much too well kept secret it has been helping me for years. Think of it as a meditation where you can tune in to thoughts, emotions and bodily sensation. By being attentive with a gentle presence you can follow a journey of what may be underlying. Fascinating and useful insights or ways to make a decision or deal with life's challenges One to One sessions now available


To book an appointment or enquire about a class please use the booking form, or email/ sms & include your phone number : Telephone: 0748 483 9238 ​ Shiatsu-Counselling-Yoga

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I hadn't had Shiatsu massage before so I thought I would give it a go to see if it would help my painful neck and shoulder. I found Paula very thorough, calm and professional. She has worked wonders with my pain and stiffness in the shoulder and has also helped my sleep considerably. Thank you Paula."
Corah, Leek Shiatsu Treatment
"We returned home after the yoga weekend and it wasn’t until then we really appreciated just what a difference the weekend had made. We just simply wanted to stay in the zone - no TV no newspapers. ​We didn’t want to lose the lovely tranquil and calm feeling we had "
Jeanette & Andrew
2 Day yoga weekend


Offering a combination of holistic therapy to make contact with your real and authentic self