Digital addiction in a Focusing session
I’m so very aware of my own addiction to digital devices. “Do I really need to know at 06:30am when the next full moon is, or what the weather will be like tomorrow”? Can I call myself an addict? I believe so, because even though my rational mind has said NO and even taken some […]
‘The Mother Wound’
The Mother Wound What is it? The Mother Wound is a term used to describe messages from our mother or primary carer which we internalized during our developmental years, These messages may become ingrained as a belief about ourself for example: I’m not wanted / loved or I’m a nuisance. This can impact our behaviour […]
Imposter Syndrome
Imposter Syndrome (I.S.) What is it? It’s a feeling, an emotion or a reaction, It was first researched in the 1970’ s by Clance and Imes (1). Although they found that it occurred often in high achieving women, it can happen to just about anyone. It is felt at a physical/emotional level in symptoms such […]
Going with the Flow – Is it Serving You?
Going with the Flow, is it serving you? “I’m really easy going” is something that I hear quite often in Counselling sessions. Yet it hasn’t delivered the positive and easy life that might be expected. It often comes up from one partner in Couples Counselling when the relationship has reached a crisis point and they […]


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