Returning to Functional Medicine

It makes me smile when I think about my dear cat Yildiz having her own Zoom Consultation last week. Though I mostly did the talking for her, she did make an appearance. She’s had some health issues for about a year; more recently it’s been excessive urinating & drinking, she’s also less active and seems a bit miserable. Our local vets who have been very kind and helpful, diagnosed her with diabetes due to high blood sugar. I’m also trialing the raw food option especially for cats i.e more protein and less carbs which cats don’t need. The local vet finally suggested injecting insulin twice a day, possibly for the rest of her life! Now anyone who knows my Yildiz, who I rarely pick up as she wriggles and scratches, knows that this is probably not going to work for us.

I’m a holistic therapist and I’ve been helped greatly by the Functional Medicine approach so I did a search for a holistic vet.  I have had excellent benefits from homeopathic remedies myself; Arnica for cuts, bruises & to release the shock of an accident. For example I recently broke my little toe, swallowed some Homeopathic Arnica capsules for 24 hours, after which my toe was well on its healing way. Although Arnica is widely for sale in the UK, it seems its healing powers are a well-kept secret. Other standards in my healing kit; Calendula for wounds and Echinacea to boost my immune system. Consultations with my own homeopath helped me to quickly recover from a Thyroid imbalance during the hot summer of 2018 and to recover from the shock and grief after losing a job in 2020. Each homeopathic consultation is like going on a journey, taking into account the whole or holistic life picture this includes current stresses, worries, changes and environment. It is used widely for animals and is found to be effective, they can’t turn around & say “pawh, it’s just the placebo effect”.

A search led me to holistic vet Vicky – she’s a busy professional, I had to wait 6 weeks for our consultation. Vicky unpicked my cat’s story. She explored: behaviours, timelines, & personality. I realized Yildiz & I are somewhat alike: she’s independent, knows what she likes, and can be spiky oh yes and a bit lazy but after all she is a cat. Vicky also explored grief and separation as possible causes of distress due to my absences.

A  homeopathy consultation usually comes with an extra bonus; that’s the remedy that is carefully selected as the therapist interprets the complete picture. Yildiz takes the drops of liquid in her water, I’m  monitoring changes and will feedback to Vicky, first signs indicate that she seemed a little perkier.

I'd love to hear  your experiences of homeopathic remedies that you use or your experience with homeopathy & your pets. Share your comments below.


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